HoWl is an artisanal clothing brand that draws on simple utility styles , influenced by the traditional cornish lifestyle to create characterful, contemporary workwear.

Founded by Cornish designer and milliner Lucie Crago in 2014 , HoWl is known for its hardy dungarees , culotte rompers and boiler suits in soft brushed cotton drills and denims. Everything is carefully handmade in sussex , where Lucie has swapped the cornish seas for the lush South Downs , with a studio set into the castle walls in the creative town of Lewes.

HoWl means ''sun' in cornish and the brand is firmly rooted in Lucie's Kernow heritage. The influence of Newlyn , the traditional fishing village where she grew up, shows in the harbour workwear styles , the durable fabrics, and the names of certain HoWl lines - the boilersuit , for instance , is called 'Bucca' after the nickname for newlyn folk (short for Buccaneers). 

HoWl nurtures long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and wholesalers and strives to be a thoughtful brand, underpinned by ethical fabric sourcing, fair pricing and a commitment to making practical everyday clothes that can be worn through out the seasons .